Pocket Fleet Manager offers a simple and affordable solution to maintaining a fleet.  Watch this quick video for an introduction.


Paperless DVIR

Paper DVIR's are an ineffective way to track vehicle maintenance, and to stay compliant with FMCSA regulations.



Digital Body Inspections

Introducing a modern vehicle body inspection form


Spreadsheets are designed to sort information, not to track it. Don't leave maintenance intervals and expiring licenses up to a spreadsheet. There is a better way.

Email Alerts

Imagine never having to worry if an employee remembers to tell you that something is wrong with one of your vehicles. Pocket Fleet Manager sends you emails and texts so you can focus on running your business.

Fleet Maintenance Portal

Keeping accurate records is a must to know what your actual fleet costs are. Pocket Fleet Manager makes it simple to track costs per work order.

Accident Report

Accidents happen. With Pocket Fleet Managers built in accident report you can know that your drivers will be reminded to gather all of the correct information at the scene.

Virtual Glove Box

Virtual Glove Box allows employees to see all of a vehicle's important documentation on their handheld devices.


Knowing where your vehicles are in todays marketplace can be the difference between gaining or loosing a new customer

Introducing LBC-GPS the best hardwired vehicle tracking system on the market.




Employee Checklist

Employee Checklist
A fully customizable employee checklist