Who – Pocket Fleet Manager was created by a couple of guys who have been fleet managers for years, who understand the troubles that come from fleet tracking.

What – Pocket Fleet Manager is an all inclusive app that allows you to track needed vehicle maintenance, be informed when your vehicles have mechanical or cosmetic issues, and maintain perfect fleet records without ever printing a piece of paper or logging into a computer portal.

Where – Pocket Fleet Manager is available for iOS and Android tablets and cell phones. There is no additional equipment to buy or maintain, just the phone or tablet you already carry everyday.

When – Pocket Fleet Manager allows you to see safety sensitive vehicle issues immediately, and sends needed maintenance work orders directly to your email inbox every night.

Why – Most fleet tracking methods require a lot of monitoring and upkeep by the fleet manager; either logging into a clumsy back end portal, checking spreadsheets everyday, or trying to maintain a file cabinet full of maintenance requests, work orders, and receipts for repairs and parts.

Unfortunately, in many companies the day to day operations, chasing down vendors and keeping up with customer demands relegate these tasks to the bottom of the daily pile and critical maintenance becomes neglected. Delays in routine maintenance can cost you thousands of dollars, per vehicle, in premature failure and extra maintenance.

With Pocket Fleet Manager you no longer have to rely on someone tracking when maintenance is due or on drivers remembering to tell you when they find an issue with their vehicle. Instead you receive daily emails that let you stay on top of all of the little things before they become major issues.

Pocket Fleet Manager also keeps maintenance files for you. Every work order is logged with notes about the issue, as well as the mileage and repair. This provides you with complete vehicle maintenance records that help protect you in the event of a major catastrophe, and adds to your resale value.

If you have regulated vehicles you are required to maintain Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR). Drivers and mechanics are required to sign off on all vehicle defect repairs.

Typically this is done with a carbon copy book that ends up looking like it has been run over and dragged through the mud. Then someone files these reports and maintenance records. It can take up an incredible amount of your time filing papers, making sure drivers complete them properly and that the mechanic signs off on all their work.

With Pocket Fleet Manager your DVIR is your work order, and it is tracked automatically.
You don’t need to print out a single piece of paper until the auditor shows up to inspect your records, and then only print what you need.

With regulated vehicles come Driver Qualification files. Pocket Fleet Manager tracks your driver qualification items so that you never have to worry about expiring driver’s license, medical cards or annual reviews.

Pocket Fleet Manager assists in your fleet tracking by sending you an email every time one of these items need action so you are always on top of these critical items.

Pocket Fleet Manager also tracks your fleet expiration dates from license plates, to state permits, and annual inspection, notices are sent to your email so nothing slips through the cracks.

Maintaining a fleet is hard work. Let Pocket Fleet Manager be your full time fleet assistant.


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