accident report photo
Accidents happen. With Pocket Fleet Managers built in accident report you can know that your drivers will be reminded to gather all of the correct information at the scene.

Accident Report

       Accidents happen.  Unfortunately to often after an accident employees seem to forget to collect important information at the scene, and you are left trying to piece together an accident report. Or even when they do remember to collect the information it’s difficult to read their handwriting and interpret what happened.

       Pocket Fleet Manager gives you an accident report that prompts the driver to collect all the information, including pictures of the damage that you need from the scene. Employees are guided through prompts to write down what happened, was anyone injured, were cars towed and to take pictures of any vehicles or property involved. There is a place to take down other parties’ insurance information, and even take a photo of the insurance card for your records.


       The accident report will remind the employee to call the police,and ask them for the responding officers information, as well as a place for to document any reasons why the police wouldn’t come out, if they did not make the scene.

       Dealing with the aftermath of a collision is never a fun task, but allow Pocket Fleet Manager to help make it a little easier by giving you a complete accident report with pictures ready to download and sent to your insurance company.

       As a bonus if the employee is a CDL and under the correct circumstances, you will immediately receive an email or text that your employee may need to be sent for an immediate post accident test