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Paper DVIR's are an ineffective way to track vehicle maintenance, and to stay compliant with FMCSA regulations.

Digital DVIR

       Using paper instead of a digital DVIR to report vehicle problems is inefficient.  If an employee has an issue with a vehicle they shouldn't need to turn in a piece of paper and hope that it makes it to someone that can take care of the vehicle issue.  With a digital DVIR or paperless vehicle inspection sheet the driver is able to fill out the mileage everyday, and alert the company if there are any defects with the vehicle.  If the employee finds a defect then the company is alerted via email, so there is no more "but I told..." when a minor problem turns into a major problem.  Pocket Fleet Manager also meets all federal requirements for commercial vehicle DVIR's that are required for vehicles over 10,001 pounds, including reviewing the previous drivers inspection form.   


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       Pocket Fleet Manager costs only $7 a month per vehicle. If you are currently requiring drivers to fill out a piece of paper, how much are you spending on those papers or books? Not to mention the cost of your time reviewing the papers, and filing them away.

       Pocket Fleet Manager will save you money, and make your operation more efficient. There is never a length of term contract locking you in for years either. If you don’t think Pocket Fleet Manager makes sense for your operation, cancel it before the first of the month and you are free and clear.