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Imagine never having to worry if an employee remembers to tell you that something is wrong with one of your vehicles. Pocket Fleet Manager sends you emails and texts so you can focus on running your business.

You've Got EMail Alerts


        Running a business means being pulled in many different directions every day. Important tasks that require your attention often are pushed to the side as things come up that are more urgent. Don’t allow metaphoric fires to create a real emergency in your operation. Be aware of what is happening with your vehicles and employees with Pocket Fleet Managers email alerts.

        We built Pocket Fleet Manager as a couple of fleet managers ourselves. We understand how difficult it can be to regularly check a spreadsheet to see what vehicle items are expiring, or how frustrating in can be when an employee writes something up but no one lets you know until you get into the office the next day.


        With Pocket Fleet Manager email and text alerts you determine what alerts you need, and we send them directly to your inbox. Want to send vehicle issues directly to your mechanic? We can do that. Want an email immediately when a driver indicates that the vehicle has a new dent? We can do that.

        Emails include when a vehicle is placed out of service, when items are expiring, alerts that a driver didn’t complete a checklist, and when an accident has been reported, along with several others.

        Let Pocket Fleet Manager help you stay on top of fleet issues, while you manage the daily operation.