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Keeping accurate fleet maintenance management records is a must to know what your actual fleet costs are. Pocket Fleet Manager makes it simple to track costs per work order.

Fleet Maintenance Management 

       Knowing exactly how much you are spending on your vehicles is not always a simple chore. With Pocket Fleet Manager you can keep up with these vehicle repair and service costs.

       Pocket Fleet Manger allows you to input the vendors that you use for service and repair, and then each time you send a vehicle out for repair you can select the vendor that did the work, record the cost of the repair, and even attach a digital copy of the receipt so you never need to search for a receipt again.

       Do some of the work in house? That’s not a problem simply create as one of your vendors in house repair. Then Pocket Fleet Manager allows you to create a parts inventory complete with inventory tracking 


and parts cost. Add those parts to vehicle repairs, add your labor cost and know exactly how much you spent making repairs in house.       

You will be able to see your annual and lifetime costs of repairs and services per vehicle, and even by shop. This can be extremely useful when negotiating labor rates with a shop that you use frequently. As a loyal fleet customer, often times you can receive better rates, but it helps if you know exactly how much you are spending with the shop.

       Let Pocket Fleet Manager help you know what your actual fleet costs are, and at only $7 per vehicle we won’t be a huge chunk of those costs. As always no length of terms contracts, we believe that our service is our contract to you.  

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