Spreadsheets are designed to sort information, not to track it. Don't leave maintenance intervals and expiring licenses up to a spreadsheet. There is a better way.

Don’t allow metaphoric fires to create a real emergency in your operation

Tracking is a must when you have a fleet. As a fleet owner you are responsible for making sure drivers have current drivers licenses, and if they are operating commercial vehicles, driver qualification items that expire annually. You are also responsible for maintaining the vehicle's insurance and registration.   Depending on your location and business, you may also be required to maintain local permits for your vehicles and/or employees.


Running a business means being pulled in many different directions every day. Important tasks, like fleet management, are often pushed aside as things come up that are more urgent. Don’t allow metaphoric fires to create a real emergency in your operation. Stay alert and know what is happening with your vehicles and employees with Pocket Fleet Manager's email alerts.


Pocket Fleet Manager has a built-in tracking method that sends you email and text alerts when items need your attention. Imagine not needing constantly check for fleet items nearing expiration, or worse finding out they expired a couple months ago.   Often these items are brought to your attention when your employee receives a citation on the side of the road. This costs you not only financially, but costs you time, and morale as well.

Stop trying to use the wrong tool for the job, and let Pocket Fleet Manager take the burden of tracking off your mind. This is an additional service that we provide at no additional cost. With no contracts, you have no risk.  We believe that the service we provide is our contract to you.