body inspection form
Introducing a modern vehicle body inspection form
body inspection form
Pictures are stored with a log of vehicle body damage

A paper vehicle body inspection form is not an effective way to keep track of body damage.

       Walking out to one of your vehicles and seeing body damage is not something that any business owner wants to do.  Not being able to remember if it is new damage or existing damage can make that feeling even worse.  

       Pocket Fleet Manager created a vehicle body damage portal that allows employees to see a picture of your vehicle with all of the previous damage that has been reported to you on it.  When there is something new to report they simply tap on the affected area of the picture, make a comment about the damage, and then take a picture of the damage.  Immediately a notification email is sent that damage has been reported.  A log is kept that you can go back and check at anytime what damage has been reported, who reported the

damage, and see pictures that have been taken.  You will never again have to question if you have seen that dent before.

       Completely customizable with your vehicle pictures, and is included in the cost of Pocket Fleet Manager.  Do away with the body inspection form, and let Pocket Fleet Manager show you that maintaining a fleet can be simple.   

       Pocket Fleet Manager saves you money, and makes your operation more efficient.  Never a length of term contract locking you in for years either.  If you don’t think Pocket Fleet Manager makes sense for your operation, cancel it before the first of the month and you are free and clear.

Additional Features

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